January 06, 2017 - Reflection

January 06, 2017 - Reflection.

"The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality." 
Andrew Solomon

Three years ago today, I posted my first five stories to my personal Facebook page. Just a little thing I was going to try in order to dig myself out of isolation. If only just to get outside, every, single, day. 

I could never, ever have begun to imagine all the magic and comfort that would come my way. In abundance, unexpected, unconditional and authentic

I've made friends with so many wonderful supporters of TSP2014, some digitally, and some in-person, all equally genuine. I'm even looking after Day 269's fig tree, while Adam is off on a journey. 

Today, as I sat on the proverbial couch, settling in for an afternoon nap, i was snapped wide-awake in realizing that in some ways, I've come full circle. Albeit with a vastly different perspective and experience base. 

I live with depression. For me personally, the last year was a rollercoaster, and once again, a life changing ride. I'm still not sure I've stopped spinning. I know for sure, I'm nowhere near done unpacking all the lessons that come from embracing vulnerability, speaking my truth, and living out loud.

There's always work to be done. Our wellbeing, in part, comes from connection and community. In no small manner, the connections I've made here, with you, reading this here, have been a staple in my growth and reflection. 

I'm in a deep reflection right now. I'm being as present as I can. It's good, it's natural and it's how I process and grow. These last three years have changed me in ways that are profound, ethereal and sometimes overwhelming. All thoroughly permeated with gratitude. Eventually.

This project isn't over, not by a long shot. It will continue and will be informed by my observations, lessons, and learns. And listening. Truly, listening. My wish for all is goodness, peace, and love. Connection and community. Grace and generosity. Stillness, happiness, contentment. Boldness, bravery and intention. Strength, character and heart. Love. So much love. 

Thank you. #notastranger