February 14, 2016 - Official Selection - Roma Cinema Doc

What a ride it's been, and will continue once again, I promise!

In these, my first days (Day45) that I don't eat chocolates or cookies, this news more than makes up for it all and then some, with ever-lasting sweetness! 

Congratulations to KGP Films and especially to director/producer Kate Green, for her loving portrait of this story. Of course, we'd be nowhere without all of YOU, my TSP2014 friends and family. All of you who have helped shape this once 'personal social experiment.' Those of you who believed in this story, and supported it, and contributed to the funding - to all of the 171 donations! 

If today is about hearts and feeling love and loved, then, I'm sitting in a (imaginary) waste field of discarded red chocolate foil, and Kisses wrappers!

Gratitude for a very full heart today!