January 11, 2016 - one of my lifelong heroes...

Photo: uncredited

I'm thrilled that I had planned to do nothing today after a busy weekend. Turns out today is a day of reflection for me, of just how deeply David Bowie is woven into my life. 

He helped me feel comfortable about feeling different, at times when I felt I didn't fit in. His voice was always familiar and soothing. It felt like he was always reaching out to me personally...

When I was 14, living in Scotland, I hacked at my shoulder length blonde hair with scissors, dyed it fire-engine red, shaved off my eyebrows and declared to my family "I AM Ziggy Stardust." 

He's one of my heroes. And lived a rich, exalted life, with freedom to create and always push, and found true love and happiness and seemed, while reclusive, to be happy

I've realized that David Bowie was always immortal to me, from like age 12 or so... There's times in my life where I remember what I was doing solely based on his discography. I stayed up 'til very late going through some of the older music. I listened to 'Golden Years' at 4am, and recognized that was a decent period in my youth, where I actually felt good, and happy and somewhat content. I forgot I had that time.

In 1987 I moved to Brixton, in South London, coincidentally Bowie's place of birth. I knew the bandstand in this photo was in Clapham Common, which, by memory, seems to have been about a 30 minute walk from my place on Acre Lane. I would go for walks and hang out here, soaking in the vibe that I was at a place that Bowie had actually been. 

He will always be with me, and us. That he made BlackStar, his just-released-last-week 25th album, on his 69th birthday. Knowing he was dying, he worked diligently to leave one last gift. 

My life has been nothing but enriched, guided, soothed, elevated and greatly influenced by his brilliance. I'll not mourn, but celebrate. A light so bright it will never dim. #WeCanBeHeroes

**I'll be working on updating my website in the coming days. Please bear with me!

UBC Student Leadership Conference

I'm so amazed with how much my life has shifted in the past two years, through meeting strangers. I give thanks and gratitude.

2016 is going to be another big year, starting with an invitation to speak at the UBC Student Leadership Conference. The Opening Keynote speaker is Rick Hansen! Another of my personal heroes, Wab Kinew is delivering the closing Keynote. 


I'm humbled and honoured to be presenting with such an incredible roster of speakers - this has become my passion, and I intend to have this be my life's work. I hope you'll follow along! ‪#‎BIGthings2016‬ ‪#‎notastranger‬